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  Welcome to our community of caring citizens!                        Become a leader now...

        We're glad you found Us.     We are a National Organization of
 caring, pitch-in, folks who self-help our local towns, cities, and rural areas, directed by ordinary local people in your area just like you, called Volunteer Professionals.  Normal folks who like to step up and change things to enjoyable, effective, helpful, and prosperous results.
      It's easy!  This Web-Headquarters directs, instructs, supports and steers the way to better communities and refurbished regions to enjoy.
      So mouse around, and get acquainted; study our F.A.Q.'s below, or learn about our structure thru links at the right... What-ever you do:  be sure to JOIN Today! It's FREE and FUN!       Your community & neighbors surely need YOU!  How do you want to make things better?
How We Work
  Our Mission 
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     HOW OUR PROGRAM WORKS:   Rise as high as your skills or talents allow! 

     Everyone starts as a free volunteer Helper.  As our valued Helper, you'll enjoy the same Thank You rewards after a project, an activity or event, as everyone does. (See F.A.Q.'s  for more.   To help: first you'll Enroll FREE Here on this site, so we know who is interested; then, we'll link you to our 'SpeedeMarketdomains.com benefits Web co.,' for your Volunteer's Membership number, (open a No-cost: Semd co. acct.); at our accounting and web products company);

 so that you're Registered with us, and can receive credit for the good works you do, gain recognition for up-grades ... and as soon as you desire:  likely qualify for award benefits, PERKS, company rewards --such as possible money-stipends, and greatful recognition for your efforts --like possible job offers, or Career Advancement, within our Organization.   We promote dedicated people, from within!  

   Once you fill out this simple Semd co. profile, you'll have your permanent "1, 2, 3 Volunteers"TM Identification number, allowing you speede entrance to participate helping at all our many scores of volunteer projects and activities throughout the entire country, as this non-profit grows, in every state, throughout each town, city & locale.            

   Now it's time to Join your neighbors improving your community, and friends enhancing your area; take the lead and start a project your town needs; or form a group and do some fund-raising for your Local, worthy cause... Let's get started, with Easy Step no. 1. 

      Or CLICK these links, for answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions --if in a hurry. 

      Though we prefer you take your time, Go on to read so much more, all "About Us," below:

Frequently Asked Questions
  Is there a cost to become a Volunteer?

No. There is "no cost" to become a 1, 2, 3 Volunteer TM, and participate in helping improve your community to improve, and ultimately assist refurbishing our state.  You may join as a free volunteer, right now.
       Everyones' talent's, skills, labor, and/or crafts are needed to help enhance our communities.

  What can a new 1, 2, 3 VolunteerTM expect?  

        As our valued 1, 2, 3 Volunteer,TM you will work shoulder-to-shoulder, right along-side some of the most caring and energetic people in your community to effect change and improve your locale right where you are, where you live.  As such you are entitled to take part, after each activity, in our meeting or other festivity, along with everyone else, as our official "Thank You! " for a job well done!   Your reward for that event's, or that day's contribution --the sincere gratitude of your community, and knowing you've been a vital part of improving.
        Free volunteers however, are not eligible for our famous, "Member Appreciation Perks!"TM


 What is the $10.- charge for?

        However, even though it's free "for you," to Join, there is always a cost to Us.  It costs "1, 2, 3 Volunteers"TM Organization over $140.- per/year to keep a "Free Volunteer" on it's books: Email them our news, and events, plan, and coordinate their help, allot tools or equipment for their use, pay for supplies used up in various projects, provide water or needed refreshments, book-keep, and plan for transportation as necessary... and much, much more.  As you can imagine, the costs are ever-present to run such an operation, and always go up, never down.

        The $10.-- requested donation, is but a drop in the activities, project, and rewards bucket of costs,  to maintain you, as our "Volunteer of Record," so it goes to defray a small part of our constant, fixed costs, (mentioned above), in-order-to service you properly.
        As this Paid volunteer, you would be eligible for partial, "Member Appreciation Perks!"TM



Our Philosophy

        We've always wanted to welcome anyone, no matter what their financial situation is, to be a part of our great work.  That's why:  as a Free Helper, you'll never be charged to be be involved with any of our volunteer activities, projects, or work programs.
        We believe every citizen desires to feel as if "he belongs" to his community and actually would prefer to assist in it's up-grading, than be left out.  Along with improving our neighborhoods, re-furbishing our region, and re-building our state: we feel our volunteers are in a perfect position, even have a duty to:  reach out with caring to the neediest of our citizens, and help, raise, and assist their plight, by fostering a sense of pride and place inside them, through their inclusion, in our activities.  By reducing outcasts, and including marginalized folks, we'll be reducing potential for local crime, and lowering our neighbors' stress from their personal problems, while making our communities nicer, more friendly places to live in.    Therefore, 

    Our Mission . . . 

        Is to provide every caring citizen, personalized 'Do-it-Yourself' means, to Volunteer his talents or abilities, to accomplishing their Favorite Goal:  To Fund-raise, and/or Do a Project, and/or Run an Event, to further the mission of their favorite, chosen 'Cause.

        Is to help each volunteer accomplish their favorite goal:  We help you, as our valued Member, choose how much of your local efforts, are partially devoted to Improve your Town, and Enhances your area, and thus re-build your State.
        Is to provide our nations citizens with knowledge, tools, supplies and equipment, to enable them to recruit and service other, like
volunteers to accomplish this in their own community.

        Is to make it possible for any and every citizen to participate in the improvement of their locale, in the enhancement of their area, and the restoration of their State:  and thus, become a proud Member of Our Society.TM


Free volunteers will always be welcome at our "End of Event/Project 'Thank You Meetings and Parties," however, are not eligible (unless they've paid their yearly $10.-) for our famous, "Member Appreciation (Premium Gifts for their efforts & time) Perks!"TM 


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